Eric H. Heisner - Writer, Actor & Filmmaker

"The Next Generation of Western Filmmakers"

Eric H Heisner is a Filmmaker, Actor & Author. 

His Western & Adventure novels are available in bookstores and online: 

"West to Bravo""T.H. Elkman""Africa Tusk",

 "Wings of the Pirate""Seven Fingers a' Brazos",

"Conch Republic, Island Stepping with Hemingway" and

"Along to Presidio", released Fall 2019.

Check you local bookstores for "Mexico Sky" out in 2020


Lean Dog Productions is an Independent Film Production Company based in Austin, Texas & Los Angeles, California, the company specializes in Western Films and other period specific types of filmmaking.


"We are the 'Next Generation of Western Filmmakers'.  The stories of grit and glamour, as well as the moral character and self reliance portrayed in Westerns, is important to keep relevant in today's varied choices of entertainment.  The Western is definately a niche market, but we feel that we can communicate a good story that will transcend every generation."  Filmmaker - Eric H. Heisner



The Independent TV Pilot for the Western series "Friend of the Devil" is now available on Amazon Prime Video Direct.



An ex-Texas Ranger pursues three bandits that robbed and killed a payroll guard...



also available on DVD which includes: 

"The making of: Behind the scenes

at Lone Pine".

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Active Projects:




Currently in Production:


Rio Concho

- A Serial -


Starring E.H. Heisner, August Walker

& Bart Slade


Filming in Llano, Texas

click on the trailer for a sneak peak...

The making of  "Gemini Movie Ranch"


The Stagecoach Depot has been completed, and it is on to the Adobe Barn build.


While I wait for blocks to be stacked, I'll be working on the Twin Fork Gulch Mercantile, Miner's shack, Gunga Din bridge, and finishing up the cowboy horse corral. 


Lots of videos and photos of the projects, and updates on the Making of a Western Movie Ranch at


Patreon/Gemini Movie Ranch









Get an inside look, follow along, and support the making of a Western Movie Ranch at

(Gemini Movie Ranch)

Book Teaser for "Seven Fingers a' Brazos"

"Africa Tusk" Book Trailer

In Bookstores & online markets worldwide:



April 23rd, 2019



Some folks want to make a living, he went to the island to make a life.


Hardcover edition,
 signed by author available here


"With echoes of the John Wayne classics; Hondo and The Searchers, Eric H. Heisner

returns us to the desert southwest and his hero, Holton Lang. As in his first novel,

West to Bravo, this new tale, Seven Fingers a' Brazos, is a gritty, action-packed journey. Much like the hero, his supporting characters are all well drawn and Illustrator Al P. Bringas lends a hand with some mighty fine drawings as well. Heisner captures the landscape and the elements so realistically; you may want to wear a 'duster' while you're reading.

So saddle up pilgrim and ride into adventure!"


Bruce Boxleitner, Actor


Now Available in Hardcover, paperback, ebook & Audio-book!


Africa Tusk


an Adventure novel


A hundred years ago, the Great White Hunters were the predators, 

Now the region calls on one man to protect the elephants from virtual extinction

... Tusk.


"A modern day Western, set in Africa"


On Sale now at


Get your paperback edition or ebook copy of Short Western Tales:  Friend of the Devil

Based on the Award Winning Short Film, get the first three stories in the series.  If you want a signed copy from the author, go to General Store and order Friend of the Devil TV Pilot 

Thanks for keepin' the Western alive!

Sincerely, EH

Now on Sale worldwide at all major bookstores & online. 

Get an autographed hardcover copy here:

Now Available !!

Bookstores & online

Check out Book Teaser 

(with non-CGI monkey) @


A flying adventure novel

by Eric H. Heisner

with Illustrations by Al P. Bringas

"Wings of the Pirate"


"Wings of the Pirate" is a South Seas adventure tale with Air Pirates, a female archeologist and an expat seaplane pilot. 


Also available on


The final audio mix has been completed on the Independent film Transgression.  We're making DVD screener copies now and working on film festival submissions.



If you have the longing for the classic westerns of John Wayne & John Ford, Check out the book trailer for the Western novel West to Bravo.   


Available in Bookstores and online markets worldwide ... 


Get your 1st Edition hardcover Novel signed by the Author and related merchandise - Here Now!


West to Bravo is also available at  Here is the link to the Audiobook:


EH Heisner as Marshal Cooper: "Coyote Bill"


Starting promotions for the Western series:

"Coyote Bill - the Ghost Rider". 


Playing the lead role of Marshal Cooper was a great experience and I look forward to many more episodes and adventures - EH


Photo & paint-effect: courtesy of Carl Bringas Photography.



Continued filming for "Coyote Bill" in the Alabama Hills, Lone Pine California. 

​"It's great to be horseback filming again in the hills of Lone Pine.  Working through a stunt fight with Chad Bianco reminds me of the grit in my teeth and sand in my boots from Friend of the Devil."  EH Heisner


EH Heisner as Marshal Cooper & Chad Bianco as Coyote Bill


Pilot for Western series filmed at Roy Rogers Ranch in Victorville, CA

"Official Selection" 18 Film Festivals  

3 "Best of" Awards, 8 Nominations. 


Friend of the Devil has been screened across the country. We are now currently using the pilot episode as a promotional piece for our other original Western projects as well as continuing to pitch it as an original television series aimed toward family entertainment.


Named "Best Western Short Film" of 2011 by True West Magazine

Our newest project in active development is the Zombie/Western feature action film "Zombrero".  EH will be reteaming with fellow HF Films collaborator Dan Farnam (Producer/Director of Photography) for another potenially award-winning Lean Dog Production.

 Click here for more news about "Zombrero".


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Principle photography was recently completed on a segment of a larger miniseries titled West.  EH was cast in the title role of Wyatt Earp in the "Iron Springs" segment of the series and his good cowboy pal Al Bringas was cast as Texas Jack. 


"We worked with a great team of Filmmakers who really stepped up and did the Western genre right.  Performing this classic role and doing a bit of riding and shooting was an outstanding experience." EH

Film/TV Acting Reel for EH Heisner

Dan Farnam, helicamera, Phil Spangenberger, EH Heisner

Longtime Friend and Filmmaking collaborator, Dan Farnam is launching a new helicopter camera operation under the Company HeliOptics.  Old West gun and historical expert Phil Spangenberger and EH did some horse action for the helicamera to showcase what it can do.  The copter was great to work with and the horses didn't mind it a bit!


HeliOptics specializes in low altitude aerial cinematography for film, television, and commercials. 
Contact Dan Farnam


Eric H. Heisner & Amber Word Heisner. Click here to find out more!

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