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Hardcover Novel, autographed by Author:

Eric H. Heisner

(shipping in USA included)


Returning to Arizona, Holton Lang is once again riding the path of a solitary existence. 

Or is he...?


The adventure continues from

West to Bravo & Seven Fingers a' Brazos.

"Above the Llano" by Eric H. Heisner = $30

Hardcover Novel, autographed by author

Eric H. Heisner

(shipping in USA included)


"Writing is like a magic hat - something has to go in before anything comes out."


When the local seaplane pilot invites Jon to tag along on a charter flight to the Yucatan Peninsula, he has to decide if writing about life experience takes priority over living it...


"Conch Republic" vol. 3, by Eric H. Heisner = $30

Hardcover Novel, autographed by Author: Eric H. Heisner

(shipping in USA included)


Soaring through smoke-filled skies to douse the flames...


Former stunt pilot, Flynn Russell, has found his calling - flying low and slow over wildfires. Diving in to battle forest fires from the air is just his speed.


"Fire Angels" by Eric H. Heisner = $30

Hardcover Novel, autographed by Author:

Eric H. Heisner

(shipping in USA included)


A mysterious letter, a surprise visit from a Navy SEAL friend, and the ambience of the Florida Keys puts novelist J. T. Springs on the road to Adventure...


"Eric has succeded in bringing the magic of that special island to the reader."

Papa Richard Filip - Hemingway 2017

"Conch Republic" vol. 2, by Eric H. Heisner = $30

Hardcover Novel, autographed by Author:

Eric H. Heisner

(shipping in USA included)


Some folks just want to make a living, he went to the island to make a life.


Paperback Mystery/Adventure novelist Jonathan Tyler Springer decides to follow in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway: drops a very successful writing career and moves to the southernmost island of the Florida Keys, Key West, the Conch Republic ...

"Conch Republic" by Eric H. Heisner = $30

Hardcover Novel, autographed by Author: Eric H. Heisner 

(shipping in USA Included)


There was Butch & Sundance and Bonnie & Clyde...


Then there was Pack & Elliott; two wayward tricksters who have run out of time.

"Mexico Sky" by Eric H. Heisner = $30

Hardcover Novel, autographed by Author: Eric H. Heisner

(shipping in USA included)



A small, rural community is unsettled from its routine when an old murder case, based on lies and deceit, is scrutinized by a resident who is closer to the incident than expected.


"A mysterious and cinematic tale, with characters as compelling as any Western-crime story created." - Chad Curtiss, actor

"Cicada" by Eric H. Heisner = $30

Hardcover Novel, autographed by Author:  Eric H. Heisner

(shipping in USA included)


Time to ride - Along to Presidio.


When three brothers get involved in the problems of a border town, confrontations quickly escalate between disputing factions with a woman caught in the middle.

"Along to Presidio" by Eric H. Heisner = $30

Hardcover Novel, autographed by Author: 

Eric H. Heisner

(shipping in USA included)


The adventure continues from West to Bravo


When a wagon train of homesteaders is massacred by outlaws, an adolescent male survivor is determined to rescue his stolen siblings.  Dragged from his now peaceful existence, former military scout, Holton Lang invests himself in the search for the stolen captives as well as the difficult task of keeping the young man alive.  As the search continues across three states, Holton comes across old friends and finds new meaning in life as his job of survival embraces a newfound kinship.

"Seven Fingers a' Brazos" by Eric H. Heisner = $30

Hardcover Novel by Eric H. Heisner

(shipping in USA included)


In the years immediately following WWII, the influence of the Western world hangs heavy on the islands in the South Pacific. 

A harvest of new economic resources provides a wealth of prosperity to those who can afford the gamble.  While most rush to invest in the new found abundance, others plan to steal it ...


A Flying Adventure Novel

"Wings of the Pirate" by Eric H. Heisner = $30

Hardcover Novel, autographed by Author:  Eric H. Heisner

(shipping in USA included)


Deep within the Dark Continent of Africa, the dwindling population of wild Elephants is protected by law yet systematically harvested by poachers.  The armed forces of Park Rangers are not enough to protect the ivory prongs from these giants of nature.  A hundred years ago, the Great White Hunters were the predators.  Now the region calls on one man to protect the elephants from virtual extinction … Tusk.

"Africa Tusk" novel by Eric H. Heisner = $25

1st Editon Hardcover novel

signed by Author:  Eric H. Heisner

(shipping in USA included)

Skyhorse Publishing Inc. NY - 2016


The American West:  A place where men find themselves through harsh and cruel circumstances and lives are short lived.  Where women are as hard as the steel of a gun and the sweet burn of whiskey eases the rough, ratted edges.  

A life where death is a pill that must be swallowed and senses are developed beyond true human comprehension...

"T. H. Elkman" Novel by Eric H. Heisner = $25

1st Editon signed Hardcover Novel (shipping in USA included)


In the years following the American War Between the States, half-breed former military scout Holton Lang promotes the tentative harmony between the US Cavalry and the Native American population.  Written in the style of the traditional John Ford/John Wayne cavalry pictures, West to Bravo evokes an era of classic Western fiction and paints an exciting and touching tale of one man stuck in the middle of a terrible conflict.

 Published by Skyhorse Publishing, New York, NY - 2014

"West to Bravo" Novel by Eric H. Heisner  = $25

For that Classic Western Fan who can't get enough of the Old West. Choose any combo - Book & Classic Western Film Bandana.


Leave message at checkout or contact:


*Limited Edition film styled bandanas only in stock while supplies last.


Book & Bandana Deal Combo = $95

Now in stock!  Limited Edition in the West to Bravo series - "Rio Hondo" 

Classic Western Film Bandana styled to the Hondo design.


measures 32" x 32"

silk/cotton construction.


(USPS Priority Shipping in USA included) 

contact: for multiple items discounts

Classic Western Bandana: West to Bravo "Rio Hondo" =  $85 


Limited Edition "Searchers" Bandanas are - SOLD OUT. 


BUT... We do have a few "Sackett" bandanas still available! They are the same design as the original "Searchers" bandana but have been tea-stained to get a more aged appearance.


(Just like costumer, Luster Bayless did with John Wayne's bandana for Sam Elliott)


measures 32" x 32"

silk/cotton construction 


(USPS Priority Shipping in USA included) 

contact:   for multiple item discounts

Classic Western Film Bandana:  "Sackett"- $80


NEW - "The Quigley Bandana"


Hand-stained & aged - 100% cotton.

A triangle bandana aprox. 44" x 30"

Red paisley pattern just like in the film!




Produced by special request from Hollywood Western Wardrobe - 

(They plan to make reproductions of Quigley's shirts from the film)

Classic Western Film Bandana: "Quigley" - $80


Possible re-stock of the

"Gus" Bandana




to express interest and to be put on the waiting list.

Limited Edition re-creation of U.S. Cavalry Guidon Flag as seen in many Western Films and illustrations for novel "West to Bravo".


Hand painted on heavy cotton material w/ pole ties. Measures 2' x 3'


(USPS Priority shipping in USA included)

contact for combined item discounts

Cavalry Guidon Flag = OUT OF STOCK

In the style of Classic Western Films. 

The "West to Bravo" Cavalry hat is hand-formed, fur-felt quality with custom aged & fitted cavalry cords. 


email:  Eric at for sizes currently avaliable, special orders & distressing. 



"West to Bravo" Western Cavalry Hat = $350

trt: 24 minutes & Extras. Independent Western Television pilot episode includes behind the scenes "Making of: Lone Pine Filming" & Production Extras 


Former Texas Ranger Jacob Matthau goes on the hunt for three bandits that robbed and killed a payroll guard.  His journey of revenge takes him beyond the law where no good deed goes unpunished.


Filmed on location at "Alamo Village" Brackettville, Texas & "The Alabama Hills" Lone Pine, California.


The first three stories in the Western series are now available in paperback!  If you've seen the film, you can now read the stories that lead up to the pilot episode.  Click below to puchase the paperback version of Short Western Tales:  Friend fo the Devil.


Available on ebook at


For a signed edition by the Author and a DVD copy.

Autographed Short Story Collection & DVD "Friend of the Devil" = $25


"Rio Hondo" Bandana

now in stock!

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