Original Screenplays by Eric H. Heisner

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"Adeline" (Western) Feature Screenplay

- When three Brothers get involved in the problems of a Texas Border Town, confrontations quickly escalate between three factions with a woman caught in the middle.


Awards: "2013 Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting - Top 15%"

Cicada (1970's Thriller) Feature Screenplay

- A small desert community is unsettled from its routine when an old murder case based on lies and deceit is scrutinized by a resident who is closer to the incident than expected.


Awards:  "2014 Austin Film Festival & Writer's Conference" - Top 15%

              "2013 Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting - Top 20%"

"Friend of the Devil" (1880's Western TV Pilot) * pitch pilot episode filmed


- Former Texas Ranger Jacob Matthau goes on a manhunt to find and bring justice to Bandits that robbed and killed a payroll guard.  The Southwest serves as a backdrop for his ongoing quest for revenge.




"Friend of the Devil" Music Video:




"T.H. Elkman" (1870's Western) Feature Screenplay


-  The journey of a Cowboy, a boisterous Gambler and a Kid as they escort horses from Colorado to the wilds of Montana while being plagued by Rustlers, Indians & Nature.




"2007 Written Image Screenwriting Comp." 1st Place Feature Script

"2007 14th Annual Writer's Network Screenplay"  Quarter-Finalist

"2006 Academy Nicholl Fellowship/Screenwriting"  Top 10% Finalist


"T.H. Elkman" teaser trailers:




"Wings of the Pirate" (1950's Action/Adventure) Feature Screenplay

-  An adventurous female Archeologist and an expatriate Seaplane Pilot deal with Air Pirates and other colorful characters while hunting a treasure in the South Pacific after WWII.



"2008 AAA Screenwriting Contest -Creative Screenwriting" Quarter-Finalist

"Knight Skies" (WWI Adventure, Coming of Age) Feature Screenplay

Follows a young man and his dreams of adventure;  from the farm fields of the Midwest to the beginnings of aviation, by way of the battles in the skies over Europe during WWI.



"2009 Ivy Film Festival, Brown University" - Top 5 Finalist, Feature Script

"Citation for Murder" (Comedy/Drama) Feature Screenplay

North Hollywood P.I. Clive Wilts becomes a local celebrity when he happens into the Media embellished case of the "Santa Monica Sniper".  All turns out well in the end except for the loss of several Meter Maids.



"2012 Austin Film Festival & Writing Conference" - Top 10% Semifinalist

"Conch Republic" (Adventure/Drama, TV Pilot) Teleplay

- Paperback Mystery/Adventure Writer,

J.T. Springs drops a very successful career and moves to the southernmost island

of the Florida Keys;  Key West ... 

The Conch Republic.





"2013 Austin Film Festival & Writer's Conference" Top 10% Semifinalist

"2010 NextTV Writing/Pitch Competition - Semifinalist

"2007 AAA Teleplay Contest -Creative Screenwriting" Top 10% Finalist

"2007 14th Annual Writer's Network Screenplay Comp." Quarter-Finalist

"The Windigo" (Adventure/Horror) Feature Screenplay

At the turn of the century, the new frontier in the north and its spoils are there for the taking, only to be protected by a mythological creature with a hunger for human souls.

"The Mariners Compass" (Drama) Short Screenplay

-  During a hurricane in Key West, five men at different stages of living play a round of cards that will change their outlook on life and personal journey.


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